Most relationships start out really well on this note, but with time, people can get stuck in a rut. It happens to everyone. So here’s what you can do.

Talk about your sex fantasies

Ask your partner what their sex fantasies are if you’ve never talked about this before. Some people are shyer than others and won’t be open about this, particularly if it’s something unconventional, like a gang bang where all the men are wearing masks (some women really do fantasize about this). Granted, not all fantasies can be realized or should be, but a little S&M (in moderation) never hurt anyone. There are even videos on Youtube you can watch about kinky stuff for beginners. Some people have a thing with being tied up or tying someone up. Did you know you need special ropes that don’t hurt the skin? You can’t do it with just any rope or binding material around the house.

Those pegs that people wear on their nipples in porn are NOT the same as the ones you hang your laundry with! The latter will irritate and possibly damage the nipple. It will be painful and embarrassing to explain to the doctor, and he or she won’t think highly of you.

Bottom line – when experimenting, do research.

Change the setting

After a while, the bed gets boring. You’ll be surprised at how much more exciting sex with your partner can be in a new place. Even the living room floor is a good start. Or a tabletop counter in the kitchen. If you want to be more daring, you could try someplace outdoors. Go for more secluded places – at least at first – like off a hiking path that’s not frequented often. Anywhere in the mountains could work. The beach – not as well. It’s hard to find secluded spots there unless you go to a beach that’s really out of the way, and you can’t be sure someone else didn’t think of that first.

Change positions

Are you going back and forth from the missionary to doggy style? Understandably, it’s gotten boring. Try being on the top if you’re usually the less active partner. Or read up on some interesting positions normal people can try. Please note some positions are doable only by pros. Many of those you see in porn films are such. Don’t use the Kama Sutra as inspiration either. Most of the positions were not meant to be performed. They’re a figment of the imagination.

Final Thoughts

If none of these tips help, maybe it’s time to change partners?