Some couples use sex toys and get great pleasure out of them. Others don’t. Still others have never tried, but are willing to. We’ve written this for the third group.

Why should you use sex toys?

20 years ago, people were too embarrassed to even broach the topic of using sex toys with their partner. Now, you have no excuse. They’re everywhere and there are all kinds to choose from. There’s nothing embarrassing about buying a dildo or a fake vagina, but if you disagree, you can always order online.

Some guys will dispute use of a dildo with the argument of, “Why get something we already have?” When you’re giving him head, for example, you can use the dildo to pleasure yourself and keep yourself occupied. Some guys can take a long time to come and the repetitive movement can get boring, even frustrating. So that’s one reason to get one. Or a vibrator to stimulate your clit. Alternatively, the man can use a sex toy to keep things interesting when he’s going down on the girl. For enhanced pleasure, you can stimulate her clit with your finger or tongue while using a dildo on her. Ideally, this would bring on a very powerful orgasm because you’re stimulating the two end points of what is the clitoral nerve. One nerve ending is the clitoris itself, and the other is on the so-called G spot in the vagina.

Some people are turned on by the so-called skewer position, which is when the woman is penetrated by one man and giving the other man head. Understandably, you might not be open-minded (flat-headed) enough to experiment with a threesome in your relationship, but you can have the next-best thing to that: when you’re having sex, you can have her suck the dildo. It can be unbelievably arousing.

There are little tongue or finger pads that you can use to enhance each other’s pleasure. These are things you put on your fingers or tongue, usually ribbed,which bring about an augmented sensation when they come into contact with the clit. You don’t need to use them; you just can to please your girlfriend or wife even more. Alternatively, she can use one when giving you a hand job or even just touching you there. It’s very arousing.

Using sex toys in a relationship can make your sex life more interesting. Everyone should try at least one to spice things up!