Does Porn Help or Hinder Relationships?

Does porn have a place in a healthy relationship? With the abundance of ways porn is made available to everyone, it is but natural to question whether it benefits or harms relationships. Watching porn online may seem like a normal daily activity for a person, yet the simple hobby will start to have a negative impact when the partner sees it as a form of cheating. It all depends on whether both parties agree on the way they appreciate the explicit content, both as individuals and as a couple.

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Porn and its Short-term Benefits on a Relationship

Some couples consider porn to be something to spice up their relationship, both in and out of the bedroom. The novelty of doing something exciting for the first time with your partner can lead to heightened arousal and often results in more satisfying, intense physical interludes. However, the benefits of these activities – such as watching YouPorn videos- seem to be short-term and tend to diminish with time. In general, women start to feel insecure as they compare themselves to the otherworldly proportions seen on adult videos. Men, on the other hand, may start to struggle with compulsive behaviors as they get hooked on watching porn.


How Porn Hinders a Healthy Relationship

Once the novelty of enjoying porn wears off for one of the partners in a relationship, conflicts will often start to surface and cause problems. One of these issues involves trust (or lack thereof). The idea of a partner “seeing” someone else onscreen (maybe a favorite adult film celebrity?) can be considered as cheating and thus breaks the bonds of trust in the relationship. Trust is also broken when a person keeps regular porn enjoyment a secret from his partner, especially when both parties have already agreed not to do it anymore.

Watching porn online results in having unrealistic expectations about sexual relationships and your partner. Those who regularly indulge may start to consider the well-crafted adult film scenes as the norm and will start to look for the same in real life. Anything less than porn proportions and scenarios will be seen as inadequacies from their partners and their relationships as a whole. Sadly, this may lead to real-life cheating as a person tries to search in vain for the satisfaction and experiences only seen in porn videos. Seeking other partners may also be done to feel the intensity of having an unknown lover, which is a common theme shown in porn videos.

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Unrealistic expectations as a result of watching porn can make the other party feel physically inadequate compared to the perfect physical specimens that can be viewed onscreen. This feeling of inadequacy can hinder physical intimacy and sexual performance, which is the exact opposite of using porn to “spice things up in the bedroom”. Men and women who are so used to the out-of-this-world scenarios shown in porn may start to find their real-life partners less enticing. In some cases, the only way a person can achieve orgasm is by watching pornography, regardless of the presence of a partner who is physically and intimately present. 

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Relationships are challenging enough without the conflicts resulting from enjoying porn. The points raised here are all subjective; what may be offensive porn to one couple may actually be fully satisfying to another pair of lovers. The most important thing, as far as porn enjoyment is concerned, is to be on the same page with your partner so you can both benefit from having porn as part of your relationship.

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